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Yayasan Wangsakerta is a foundation located in Kota Cirebon, West Java that operates in the intersection between the local community and it’s natural resources. As a foundation it also provides a non tuition education for teenagers who are passionate about the issues concerning the societies such as the environment, food security and the biodiversity conservation within the lake situated in the local area.

Members of the community and the students are expected to be able to conduct research based on their interest ideas. The outcome of the research mostly resulted in a piece of an article.

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Studiofru managed to deploy a website that can help to publisize the articles and to introduce Yayasan Wangsakerta digitally on the internet through an accessible platform. The website is built with modern technologies by using Next.js as the web development framework, Material UI as the front end UI, Dato CMS for content management and it is hosted on Vercel.

The website was launched in the first quarter of 2022 and is still running until present day.

See the webpage live through the link below.

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