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Studiofru | Green Project is a project which is focusing on biodiversity within the Indonesian territory. The idea of the project came in August 2022 with publicising articles together with its photographs about plants and animals as the core activities in the project. The publications are available online through a digital database in the form of a website. It is free and accessible through

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As in the early of 2023 with Yayasan Wangsakerta that is starting to work on a conservation program within the Setu Patok lake area, Studiofru | Green Project then joined the conservation team and has managed to focus more on documenting plants and animals that are located in the lake and the nearest forest. 

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The articles are all equipped with fully credible content from some credible resources. As realized on the internet that many of the articles online are not scientifically proven through references and citation, the articles on Studiofru | Green Project always try to represent contents that are based on science. 

The main hope of this project is to present to the public especially those who are living and residing in Indonesia the informations about the naming identity, origin, history of its distribution, shape description, commercial opportunities, and the efficacy toward plants and animals that are located in Indonesia. These things by far are lacking in Indonesian societies and Studiofru | Green Project tries to fill the gap based on the situation. Because once again, Indonesia is a big country with the abundant of natural wealth that sadly not many of its citizen aware of.

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