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"Thanks to the pandemic we now not only see phones as a tool for communication. It is our friend, our family, our place to store the documentation of our daily lives and it is our saviour when we thought it could help us deal with our psychological and financial needs."
"Whenever we interact with it, it’s almost feels like we’re in another world where people are frozen and the sky is full with blue dimmed light. We have everything in it. A game we love and the money to bet. We never lose. Wild animals are our friends. Drugs won’t kill us and dopamine is forever. We do still pray but it is for the sake of the inner sensation. We are our own king and for the Blue Neptune dimmed light we bow."     

After more than a year took off from creating artwork, it is now with great pleasure to inform that Blue Neptune is published in 2023 as a new one. It is a game or a small virtual world that was made as a response to the current conditions in Indonesia. Especially since the pandemic, when many of the people are deeply attracted or to say the least are addicted to online gambling and online loans. 

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With the game purposely made as an artwork, the player can walk throughout the world and experience the environment with the characters that are frozen in their positions also other objects and ambiance that feels surreal. 

 The game is now available to be downloaded for free through the link below. 

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